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Get the best learning from a renown institute in Bangalore. The students who enroll for any class from standard 6th – 10th will get classroom program, based on ICSE syllabus. ICSE syllabus incorporates subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, History & Civics, Geography, Computer, English Language and English Literature. We conduct a regular test, portion wise as well as internal & external exams wise.
The most significant year for any student is the 8th -10th standard. It defines a student career majorly, as it helps to land into a better college and ultimately a better future. Diginet Institute of Competitive Exams measures each student capabilities and assures to cover their weaknesses in any of the given subjects. We have professional teachers who conduct test regularly, based on the syllabus completion.


From 1st Week of May 2019.


6 Days a Week.


4:30Pm – 6:30Pm